february, 2018

01feballday04novThe Through the Lens: Cars Defined by an American Century


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The Through the Lens: Cars Defined by an American Century exhibit is based on the idea that American history and the automobile are inextricably intertwined thus making cars the perfect lens to entertain and educate ACM guests.

Visitors are encouraged to consider one vehicle from each decade that defines the history and culture of that period, in addition, visitors will be asked to speculate which car will best exemplify the current decade. In some cases, the cars on display may not have been the most popular or a commercial success, just indicative of the time.

ACM will “make a case” for each vehicle shown but, ultimately, each visitor will decide, or “vote” for another. If there is an overwhelming response toward a different vehicle than the one on display, the current vehicle will be replaced with the alternative.


February 1 (Thursday) - November 4 (Sunday)


LeMay - America's Car Museum

2702 E D Street Tacoma, Washington 98421

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