february, 2018

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For Seattle-based artist Ko Kirk Yamahira, the finished painting is a beginning rather than an end. Painstakingly removing individual threads from the weave of the canvas, he deconstructs his paintings, turning surface into form. He often disrupts the geometry of the support, cutting out sections of the wooden stretcher bars to create detached segments bound by loose thread. These remain unfixed and without prescribed orientation, free to be reconfigured over time. Each individual work, in turn, functions as a facet of a larger project that can never be finished, part of what Yamahira sees as a continuous process of becoming through undoing. This exhibition, Yamahira’s first solo museum presentation, samples the artist’s recent output—including several pieces made for the occasion—to offer a meditation on identity, duality, and the relativity of perception.

Photo caption: Ko Kirk Yamahira. Untitled (detail), 2017. Acrylic, graphite, unwoven canvas, wood. Courtesy of the artist.


February 17 (Saturday) - June 3 (Sunday)


Frye Art Museum

704 Terry Ave Seattle, Washington 98104

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