february, 2018

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What if you could put an end to a painful or deadly disease? If you could ensure that no one would ever suffer from it again? This exhibition demonstrates the ambitious goal of wiping out every single case of a disease and the challenges —but the potential benefits are even greater. To date we’ve eradicated only one human disease: smallpox. But dedicated health workers around the globe are closing in on others. Guinea worm, which once afflicted millions, will soon be gone for good. And efforts are underway to wipe out or control polio, malaria, lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis, also known as river blindness.

Countdown to Zero is presented by the American Museum of Natural History in collaboration with The Carter Center.


February 22 (Thursday) - August 19 (Sunday) PST


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center

440 5th Avenue North

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